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Space Clearing Specialist

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Space Clearing Specialist


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Photo of Sam Ritchie Angel Guide.
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Hello, My name is Sam Ritchie.

I am a certificated Angel Guide. I specialize in Space Clearing from floor plans. I read Oracle cards helping to give people clarity and confidence, as well as offering past life regressions, I hold space  with Spiritual Circles.

I have always been able to see and communicate with the Spirit World and have been Space Clearing for around 25 years, over that time I have studied and worked on my abilities to the point that I am now able to Space Clear using just a floor plan and address, the results are amazing. Turning negative and sometimes harmful energy into positive and abundant energy. This gives the occupants a sense of well-being, calm and clarity, it also helps businesses grow, and sell properties that have been stuck on the market for too long, plus many other benefits.

My aim is to help people live a happy, connected and guided life. This I believe helps to raise the collective vibration and bring in positive changes for all humanity.


Straight From The Source

This reading was very true and resonated with me 100%. 
It was a very valuable experience for me as it helped remind me of the value of myself.

Karen, Spain.

I have had many readings from Sam which have all been amazing and very positive and calming. Two weeks ago I asked Sam to space clearing my house as it had been up for sale for a long time with no luck, Sam space cleared the house gave it good energy and within a week the property sold!

Trudy, Spain.

WOW! is my first thought on my first reading with Sam.
What a fantastic way to start my Friday morning.
I felt I was in the presence of great compassion, wisdom, and wonderful guidance with Sam. Delivered in an upbeat, positive and % inspirational way.
Everything resonated. It was a reassuring and revealing combo. Which I loved.
I would highly recommend finding out lies in store for you too.
Thank you Sam
I'll be back!

Sarah, Spain.

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