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Hear It from Them

Sam’s Oracle card readings are spot on every time. They give you confidence in the choices you have or are thinking of making in your life. I would highly recommend her.

Frank - Spain

I had a past life regression with Sam last week. It was absolutely amazing. Sam is very gentle and kind, giving a full explanation of what would happen throughout the session. I would highly recommend you book in with Sam. Penny - UK

I had another reading off Sam and cannot recommend her enough! All the cards chosen were explained well and related so much. Not only this but she put me at ease and towards the end of the session I could see a clear path. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. Such a lovely lady

Bryony - UK

I had an ongoing issue with a property and didn't know which way to turn. I remembered Sam had helped me previously years ago and called upon her help again to carry out a virtual space clearing (providing the necessary information, as no walk though of the property could be achieved). Just a little over 24hrs from when the space clearing had happened, I gained information, clarification and action which I can now carry forwards. Sam is wonderful and the service she provides amazing. Thank you so much.

Nicola -UK

Sam gave me a wonderful reading at a very stressful time, it was calming and soothing and the cards she chose for me were spot on. I went for the shorter, 3 card option and it was so helpful I'm going back for a more in-depth 9 card reading next week.

Paul - Spain

Sam made me feel real special and loved. Very caring lady, had a great reading

Nikki, Spain.

My angel reading with Sam was amazing! It was reassuringly accurate and gave me gentle guidance. Sam was very kind and confident in her delivery of the reading. It was a lovely, healing experience that gave me help and hope when I needed it most. Thank you Sam xx

Claire - UK

What an amazing experience !!! Sam was extremely knowledgeable and detailed and more accurate in her reading than she will ever know. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Ginnette, Spain.

I was introduced to Sam through a friend and what a great experience I have had. I had a life path reading and space clearing at my home and business premises, Sam was so accurate with what she was saying and one of the topics I had only discussed that morning with my management team. I have already started to see and feel a positive difference. I would highly recommend you try Sam's services.

John, UK

Sam is an wonderful and highly gifted human, an amazing energy to be around and a true professional.

I employed Sam's services both in energy cleansing and I also enjoyed an oracle card reading which was fun, surprising and very intuitive. I highly recommend Sam.

Ellie, Spain.

Sam is a lovely and very skilled lady. I always look forward to our weekly meeting in the spiritual group. She always surprises us with beautifull meditations and our weekly encouraging card. it helps not to forget to take the time for your spiritual awakening.

Ingrid, Spain.

Today was a fascinating, interesting and wonderful time I had from my reading with Sam - she is highly professional with a friendly and happy way in her work! I would highly recommend her if you feel as though you just need a little bit of affamation in your life and possibly a few helpful tweaks! Thank you so much Sam!

Elaine, Spain.

I've had a couple of readings now with Sam (both in person and online) and have been amazed by her skills. She's extremely knowledgeable and answered any questions that I had. She's also very friendly and welcoming. Thank you so much Sam!

Melissa, UK

Amazingly accurate past life regression reading. Confirmed so many things that subconsiously i have always been aware of. Sam is very professional, intuitive and knowledgeable. Definately recommend amyone who is seeking answers to connect with Sam.

Sue, Spain

A fantastic experience with the sale of two energetically stagnant homes. Highly recommended.

Rafa, Spain.

I had my house space cleared by Sam and the change in the household after, for the better, was amazing.
She was very professional and insightful.
I would highly recommend her.

Frank, Spain.

Thanks 🙏 Sam for a nice experience the circle is great very calming and inspirational

John, Spain.

Sam offered to space clear my house in the uk as it was just not selling.

I did the house plan as she requested. and she did her stuff ! I could not believe what she then told me !

what was the fire in the back bedroom? and who was the angry man living in the house ? she appeared to know all about it ?

within a few days the house had sold.

this woman never ceases to amaze me

I would recommend her and her spirit circle and personal readings whole heartedly !

incredible !

Howard, Spain

I definitely recommend Sam, she really takes the time for you and explains everything very clearly. the cards I received really suited me, it felt good to get confirmation and to hear that I'm on the right track. it has given me more confidence. Thank you sam for your nice words and the time you took . lots of love to you big hug.


Patrica - Spain

Sam, space cleared my house via a floor plan, what she discovered was amazingly interesting, and gave an insight of life's lived at my home in the past. I would highly recommend Sam Kerry - Spain

WOW! is my first thought on my first reading with Sam.
What a fantastic way to start my Friday morning.
I felt I was in the presence of great compassion, wisdom, and wonderful guidance with Sam. Delivered in an upbeat, positive and % inspirational way.
Everything resonated. It was a reassuring and revealing combo. Which I loved.
I would highly recommend finding out lies in store for you too.
Thank you Sam
I'll be back!

Sarah, Spain.

I have had many readings from Sam which have all been amazing and very positive and calming. Two weeks ago I asked Sam to space clearing my house as it had been up for sale for a long time with no luck, Sam space cleared the house gave it good energy and within a week the property sold!

I am updating my post after my second space clearing from Sam, I bought a property and for 3 months had nothing but problems with the property , Sam space cleared my house on the Sunday and one by one after chasing many people for weeks everything started to move in the right direction with solutions!!!

Trudy, Spain.

Hi everyone.
I just felt that I had to write something here and say thanks to Sam.
Although to a large degree I never felt like anything was wrong or missing in my life, I had been told on a couple of occasions, in quite inexplicable circumstances, that something was 'blocking' certain elements in my business life.
A massive advocate of the power of energy and the various laws of the Universe though, when Sam contacted me, out of the blue and at a critical time in one of my business ventures (a couple of days before the launch of a new Business Opportunity), I felt overwhelmingly that I had to listen.
More than that - I had to take action.
I followed Sam's instructions, even though we're over a thousand miles apart, and waited for her report on how she had 'cleared' the house.
The report came far quicker than expected (the next day) and the last sentence was: "When you notice the shift, please let me know".
That shift also came quicker than expected.
Without going into detail, my physical and mental state subtly changed for the better almost immediately;
I had the most incredibly positive telephone call that same afternoon with my business partner;
My launch event a couple of days later was an amazing success and the future is looking incredibly bright.
Interestingly, a colleague at the event, a lady who had mentioned blocks to me a year ago, commented on how she could see a change in me and wasn't in the least surprised when I told her what I'd had done.
In short, because I've gone on a bit here, I can't thank Sam enough for what to me, has been a massive shift in my personal energy - like a weight, that I hadn't even realised was there, has been lifted from my shoulders.
Funny - I feel like I want to do it all over again!
Thanks Sam! x

Shaun, England.

Thoroughly enjoyed my Angel Reading with Sam. It was spot on and has helped me focus on the future.

Zoe, Spain.

What a wonderful experience. This was my 1st Angel Reading, the guidance and information was spot on. Thank you Sam also for taking the extra time to explain things to me.

Jane, Spain.

A brilliant reading, feel loads better for it. Felt very much relieved and happier.

Sylvie, Spain.

I almost didn't come because I felt so lost but after speaking to Sam, I know I will sort out what I need to and have the strength to move forward. Thank you.

Jeana, Spain.

Lovely reading and was very pleased with what came up and confirmed my onward path. Many thanks Sam.

Jaki, Spain.

Very interesting reading. Confirmed a lot of what I need to do, lovely lady! Thank you.

Pauline, Spain.

Telling & confirming the truth I needed to hear. Great work Sam!

Barbara, Spain.

Thank you Sam! 
An honest, powerful reading & I will take on board what you have said.

Peni, Spain.

Sam's reading was spot on and she gave me excellent advice.

Christine, Spain.

My reading shred light as to what is the missing link. Thank you Sam, that was awesome!

Lisa, Spain.

Sam's reading was very enlightening and confirmed my suspicions. I need to stay focused. Thank you!

Mandie, Spain.

Thank you Sam, for an amazing enlightening reading. It made me feel happy and reassured!

Irene, Spain.

Sam is a lovely lady. she was very professional and caring. amazing talent x

Jenny, England.

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