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Live the life of your dreams

Quantum Jumping

Can we access our full potential?

Imagine living a life of your dreams

Could there be parallel universes in which we are all the things we are not in this universe or reality.

A person jumping between cliffs at sun rise

The idea of parallel universes or the multiverse fascinates me.

Imagine there are multiply you’s

Double-gangers or twin you’s

In this reality you are one thing and you may or may not be as successful, healthy or talented as you would like.

In another universe you could be that world class athlete, painter, musician.

In another universe you could be a billionaire or homeless.

Burt Goldman taught himself how to travel between these universes with amazing results.

At the age of 80, he started playing the piano. He did not study or even learn how to read music, so how did he do it?

He visited his double-ganger, how was an amazing musician and  managed to lock into the energy. The result was he could play the piano.

Burt didn’t stop there, he wanted to be a photographer and painter.

He traveled (in his mind) to visit his double-gangers who had these skills.

He was so successful that his pieces of work regularly sell for tens of thousands of dollars!

If Burt and others can do this, then surly so can we.

You can study quantum science to understand more about the science behind it. I am no scientist!

So how can we connect to the energy of those twin selves that have already achieved the things we want to see.

It is all about energy and the law of resonance.

Very basically, our energy vibrates at the same frequency as the things we are attracting.

Unlike the law of attraction where you imagine what you want and then it comes to you.

The law of resonance is more powerful. 

Like two magnets that are drawn together, the energy has to attract like back to it.

Past lives are arguably happening on a different universe right now and not in the past.

If we can quantum jump and get into the place where we can change our frequency, we too would be able to become that amazing piano player or artist.

Deep meditation and relaxation is how Burt achieved it.

He connected to the life he wanted and with the power of his mind transported himself to that universe.

Watched his double-ganger, he connected and matched his energy with his double-ganger. Without interfering with anything that was going on in that life.

It seems to me to be a sea of possibilities just the other side of our realty in other universes.

Try quantum jumping for yourself with this meditation;

Enjoy the adventure to for filling your wildest dreams. 

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