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Why Every Home Needs To Be Space Cleared

We are all made up of energy and so are the buildings we live in.

Every property holds memories of past events good and bad, the memories of arguments and of celebration.

This why if you live in a house with a history of divorce you are more likely to get divorced.

Sometimes you can feel the energy.

Have you ever walked into a building and felt right at home, safe and comfortable, or gone into a space that feels unwelcoming and it makes you feel uncomfortable?

It’s all about the energy.

Light bulbs showing energy

The older the property the more likely it is that it is holding trauma.

However, even a brand new building can hold the energy of what was on the land before or what occurred there.

Spirits can also be in a property. Sometimes it’s loved ones who pop in and check you are ok. Other times its spirits that don’t know they are dead or have unfinished business.

Spirits that are stuck can be problematic and cause things to move, go missing, or cause strange noises and smells. On occasion there can be evil spirits that want to carry on the evil they perpetrated during their human lives.

All of this can be resolved by space clearing.

Alley way with plants

Space clearing changes the energy, it enhances the good and removes the negative.

Spirits can be removed and freed.

The history of the property can also be revealed, which is always very exciting for both the owner and myself.

I am able to offer space clearing from just a basic floor plan and the results are amazing.

Properties that have been sat on the market for years, suddenly sell, sometimes within days.

Problem tenants stop being a problem. Strange goings on stop. Businesses thrive. The occupants feel calmer and more focused. Nightmares have stopped and sleep is improved.One client even lost weight!

If you would like to know more or book an appointment contact me.


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