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Is It The Toilet Paper?

A strange thought crossed my mind. Is it the toilet paper?

I think this thought was sparked by a post I saw a few days ago on Facebook. A guy was reminiscing about his childhood in the sixties. He was talking about the outside w/c and the loo paper being cut up newspaper. Now, I wasn’t born until the mid seventies, I have no memory of outside loos or newspaper to clean your bottom. However, I do remember my gran having what I can only describe as tracing paper, in a small box, instead of the soft paper we had at home.

So here I am in the shower this morning and I suddenly think, is it the toilet paper?

Is the toilet paper the reason why so many are intolerant of others? Is it the toilet paper that has made some many easily offended by others?

Ok, so clearly it is not just the toilet paper to blame for what some would call the ‘snowflakes’, but maybe we have something to learn from the people who didn’t have the comforts that most of us enjoy today.

two toilet rolls on chrome holders on a white wall

Maybe it’s time for us to really appreciate what we have. The comforts we have. Maybe if we looked at our lives with gratitude and looked back at how, only a few generations ago, people lived.

Maybe then we would be more tolerant of each other. Not so easily offended by comments that were not intended to upset.

I remember my nan telling me that she went without food so her children could eat. Thankfully most of us will not have to make the choice between eating ourselves or feeding our kids.

Don’t get me wrong, our struggles are very real but they are also very different.

Could the toilet paper help us be more grateful? 

Could it be a reminder of how lucky we are?

Could it remind us to be more tolerant of others?

Could it help us to turn the other way rather than get offended?

We are all on our own unique paths. Paths that have different beliefs, different options. That’s what life is all about. It would be really boring if we were all the same.

So, let’s ‘Give peace a chance’ as John Lennon sang.

Let us lead the way in our lives, in our communities.

Let us be the ones to not be upset by different views. If they upset you, change lanes, turn the other cheek. 

Ask yourself is this going to worry me in five years? If the answer is no, then don’t waste five minutes on it.

Thank you for reading my random rant!

Remember the toilet paper is something to be grateful for!    

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1 Comment

Mar 21

Thanks Sam! I needed this today xx

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